Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm in love!...with a dress. My review for eShakti's belted stripe knit dress

So once again I've disappeared for awhile, I've been rather busy with work and life and trying to apply to grad school. Excuses, excuses, I know. But I also still haven't managed to get a decent camera yet either. Luckily my phone does take relatively decent pics, so I have been snapping a few photos of some outfits lately which, I will share over the next couple days, but right now I really really want to tell you about how happy I was to receive a lovely offer from the fashion geniuses at eShakti to review a dress from their spring collection.

 Free dress, you say, spring you say, collection...well you get the point, I was so honored as I absolutely love their dresses and think they are just style Gods, for the unique patterns they provide. Now I'm a laid back girl if there ever was one. I prefer to feel comfy in my clothes and I want my dresses to be soft and knit if possible. Luckily eShakti is really starting to bolster up its knit collection. Their woven cotton line is wonderful, but I find that I don't always like the way a skirt or dress sit on me with a stiffer fabric. I'm picky that way. I love the way knit drapes and I think it's more informal. So I set my sights on a little navy striped number with a drape neck that was just perfect, but it was sold out! of course its sold out it's the perfect summer dress, oh how I wept, but then I saw this fantastic piece and was instantly comforted. It was so perfect and bright and summery. I just knew I'd look terrific in it. and I did! eShakti is unique for more than its designs, it also allows you to customize your items. So if you prefer longer skirts, or shorter sleeves or higher necklines, or whatever, you can do that.

I'm more of a short skirt, low neckline kind of girl myself. ;) They also can do a custom piece to suit your curves or lack their of perfectly. Any woman can feel like a million bucks in a hand tailored dress with eShakti.  I previously reviewed a piece for eShakti and attempted to do my own self measuring, but that did not go all that well and I overestimated and ended up with a too big dress, particularly in the chest area. So I wanted to try and just go with their general sizing this time. I also shortened the skirt on it cause like I said, I'm a fan of showing some leg. I decided that because I have several size 20 knit dresses that fit me well that I would go with my best judgement on the size and chose a 24 It was a good idea and the dress fits great, if not a little snug. I love the color of this dress it's a bright watermelon pink that pairs perfectly with so many bright spring and summer colors.

This dress is absolutely too cute for words! and its sheer heaven paired with my sisters cropped blue jean jacket. Thanks +tiffany Hall! I really like how swishy the skirt is and how comfortable the dress is. I could wear it all day, and it's great for work, but not too formal. Best of all it has pockets!! I love a dress with pockets and eShakti really knows how to deliver, not to mention the craftsmanship of this dress is staggering. It's a very solid cloth and feels so soft to the touch I know that this dress is going to last and last! Something I can't say about the overpriced pieces of crap you get from Lane Bryant. (I'll go on that rant at a later date grrrrrr) So once again eShakti has delivered to my door a little piece of heaven in dress form and I am just in love! This peach is such a smitten kitten at the moment over eshakti. and speaking of their amazing spring line, here's a few more pieces I've got my lusty eyes on...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Revenge Vacation

So this week I'm on my "Revenge Vacation." I call it this because I don't actually have anywhere to go, or anything planned, but I wanted to take a week off because everyone else in my office had and I had to scramble to cover all their shifts and deal with all that jazz for the past month, so now they get to do it and I'm going to sit my happy butt at home and take shots with my lovey, bake bread (this also resulted in a small kitchen explosion), nap on the couch with my puppy, play Oblivion and generally be a total slouch. yay! I did get around to taking some cute outfit pics with my shorts. finally. granted the hubs-to-be is really not the best photographer ever, according to him every picture of me looks cute (rolls eyes). 

 Don't mind my leg on this one. I was having to wrap it to keep it from swelling.
Tank Top: Old Navy
Vest: Rainbow
Shorts: Old Navy
Belt/Scarf: NY&Co.
Shoes: Avenue
This top is actually a super cute skirt that I thrifted. I love wearing skirts as tops for some reason. Plus a lot of times the stretch in the waistband of a skirt will not fit my waist, but fits my bust perfectly. allowing me to take more advantage of all that the thrift store has to offer. I feel like wonder woman in this top. and its one of the few red pieces of clothing that I can wear and not look like a Bulldog's Fan. The shorts are from Old Navy and the Shoes are Payless probably. 

 This is just a super cute pic with the Hubs-to-be and myself. He's of course shirtless because it's July and the boy is practically a nudist.

So I'm really surprised that after several weeks of wearing shorts out and about that I'm no longer constantly fretting about what people think of me. I seriously rarely think about it, if ever. I just go about my day as if I weren't walking around showing off my unapologetically white, varicose veined legs! I do hate that my legs are swelling again though, but even that isn't really stopping me from busting out in some short shorts and enjoying the breeze.

I even wore them out down town one night. Though that did result in a nasty little incident at a bar/club. I'll set the scene for you. Dark club, drunk 18-21 yr olds everywhere, and me and the hubs-to-be and one of my darling gays were dancing like idiots on the floor. Having a good time and not really giving a shit. We get thirsty and travel over to the bar before last call. Enter inebriated frat boy. Who walked up to my fiance shook his hand and said, you're really brave for dancing with that fat girl. He was sort of shocked at first and then very, VERY angry. so much so that he was soon after escorted out by 4 bouncers and a cop. (no he didn't kill the guy, but he was looking like he might) As for me, I was annoyed at the guys clueless lack of respect for myself, but amused that he thought calling me fat was some kind of insult. When I amusingly relayed the story to my friends and the hubs-to-be's friends they all seemed shocked that I didn't slap the guy, or at the very least toss my drink on him (as if I would waste liquor like that) I simply laughed at them and said, "But I am FAT" why would it bother me if he simply described me, that word has no more power over me than calling me a red head or saying I'm tall. All of these things are true. He didn't say I was ugly, and I'm not going to assume that FAT=Ugly, cause I'm damn cute thank you very much! I'm pretty proud of myself and the fact that while there was a brief instant sting of pain from that word, it was not lasting and I was able to turn it around and laugh at the situation. It's not always an easy road to self-acceptance, but its little steps like this that push you in the right direction. So thanks frat boy, you really helped me out!

On a totally different note I really need to get some training in web design or something because every time I try to post a blog entry it is like pulling teeth to get it to look even half way decent and I still think it looks totally juvenile.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprise Pineapple

So I finally managed to take a few pics of the outfits I've worn the last couple days. Granted I'm using my phone cause I still don't have a camera. Boo!(Alcohol you are mean and always make me break my stuff! :( )

Scarf: NY&Co
Shirt: Ny&Co (these shirts are so soft)
Tunic/Dress: Rainbow
Earrings: Rugged Wearhouse

 so yeah it's been pretty warm weather lately, but I'm finding myself layering a lot. Not because I need the layers, but often because I find it make me feel like I have more of an "outfit" going on than just pants and a shirt. I don't know why just wearing pants and a shirt feels weird to me, I feel almost naked. So odd, I need to get over that feeling. Maybe if I had more fun patterned shirts. hmmmm....(I need to go thrifting soon.)

 I also have been browsing my crafting blogs lately and have found some super easy D.I.Y dress ideas. Now I can't sew very well, I can do lots of things well, but sewing is not one of them. I lack patience and the attention to detail that sewing requires, but so far that has not prevented me from attempting sewing on numerous occasions and failing spectacularly at it. I have whole crates full of failed sewing experiments. They look like someone was trying clothe frankenstein. so sad. It also doesn't help that I'm working with a ton of fabric and I get confused as to how to maneuver it around the sewing machine and suddenly space and time collapse and I sit their befuddled. It's a pretty sad site. I'll post pics if I manage to make it work, along with a link to the awesome site that I got the tutorial from.

So another Fatshionista blogger I adore is doing a little project encouraging other bloggers to be proud of their size. You should check her out at The nearsighted owl She is so super cute with her bright red hair and fun vintage flair. Her adoration of 70's ceramics amuses me greatly and she is a top notch artist to boot. She always seems to be happy with herself and her style is pretty effortless because of that. I think her project is a wonderful idea because size is just a number and it certainly doesn't define who you are or what you are capable of. While being fulyl proud of my body is still a struggle at times, I believe in her words and I think it is important to show support for such a great idea. So here's my submission for the project.
Shirt: Old Navy
Undershirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Danskin
Shoes: Lane Bryant (I think)
Necklace: Rugged Wearhouse
Clutch: Walmart
Me: Size 26/28 and still looking cute!

Also I woke up to the cutest site this morning and had to snap a pic of it. It's a bit grainy cause there wasn't good light in the room, but isn't my wittle baby puppy so adorable! OMG I could just snuggle her for days.Ok enough sappy-ness, but seriously I do love my dog! She's so great.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring time crush from Evans

Evans in Spring

Evans in Spring by mockingbirdblue featuring mint green jeans

I'm not from the UK, in fact despite my ability to do a spot on British accent, I've never even set foot out of the United States.  Thanks to the wonders of the internets I can browse the glorious clothes of foreign fat fashionistas! (how about that alliteration)  I stumbled upon Evans a couple years ago, but seeing that their prices are pretty high, I haven't looked at them much since then. However I was reminded of them today by another blogger and I was once again tempted by the delicious spring colors that the UK stores seem to really go all out on. While I certainly don't have the extra cash right now to buy myself anything I wishfully prepared a few spring outfits from their collection in polyvore. Which is such an awesome site for wishful thinking. So yeah since I still haven't taken any good outfit photos I thought I'd show you guys what I would wear if I had a ton of money and no school loans. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Short Summer

I've lived in Georgia my whole life, and I've been overweight my whole life, which means I haven't known a summer since I was a child that I wasn't encumbered by my girth and extra insulation and feeling awkward in anything less than pants. This summer was shaping up to be the same way. Well, I finally said no more! I was tired of being unnecessarily hot and lustfully eyeing the bare legs of the girls around me. How the breeze must feel! oh if only I could wear shorts like that.

I got over my arm issues years ago, "let the bat wings fly" I said. Who cares, I refuse to worry anymore, but the same did not apply to my legs. My legs which are riddled with thick, granny varicose veins. and which shone so brightly white they blinded anyone that might catch me at a pool. Add to all that awesomeness the fact that a dog walking accident caused severe lymphadema in my right leg which was only exacerbated by my weight. So for years I believed my legs to be some sort of elephant man like appendage that could never be seen by the light of day, or some nonsense like that. And it was NONSENSE, there was nothing wrong with my legs, they were just ordinary human legs, flawed like any other. So finally with the love and encouragement of my fiance I bought some shorts. and even though the first time I wore them out I was nervous, after about 20 mins I totally forgot about being awkward or weird and I just enjoyed the wonderfully free feeling of bare legs.

Now I wear them all the time. I seriously can't wait for the weekend to put them on. I love shorts! I can't believe I went so long covering up my legs. All those jean filled summers. poor me! Sadly I don't think I have any pictures of me in shorts yet. I will try to make an effort to get some taken soon so I can post them up, but I will show you what shorts I bought and give you some reviews of them. Ready...Here goes!

I'm starting with my favorite first. I absolutely LOVE these shorts. I can't really tell you why they make me feel so cute, but I do feel so freaking cute in them. They are from Old Navy's plus size line (click on the pic for a link to the site) and they are a wonderfully soft fabric. They are a nice weight too, not flimsy and thin but sturdy. They're really short. I'll admit they ride up like a mofo and I do have to pull them down, but it doesn't really bother me. They also have them in white and a carhart sort of tan. I wish they came in more summery colors, but that's the only downside really. This navy is still perfect for pairing with everything and I do mean everything.
The next pair that I got was a cute pair of jean shorts, also from Old Navy, ok all the shorts are from Old Navy. These were longer than the Navy ones, but much thinner. Not at all the same weight of normal jeans and the pockets are at the direct front, sort of making them annoying for putting your hands in. That being said they were very comfy and super cute. I do find that the bottom cuff is a bit of a bother to keep cuffed, but I'm sure a quick stitch here and there could fix that right up. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. These are a pretty basic catch-all shorts and a good summer staple.

I also ordered some bright pink and aqua shorts that are no longer on the site, but I sent them back. While the colors were so super awesome summery, they were waaaay too lightweight for me and I ended up feeling like a grandma in shorts. Don't ask me to explain what this means, cause frankly I don't know, but that's how I felt. I also ordered some black bermuda shorts for wearing to work. They are perfect for a work outfit, very nice lines and the perfect work length. They're a good weight material, not too light, but still comfy. I really like these too, but I don't find myself as excited about wearing them as I am with the shorter ones. Weird huh?

I also ordered a pair of swimming trunks. Yeah I know how it sounds. What am I five? but no I can sadly no longer fit into my super cute coral ruffle swim bottom from last summer and I needed something for potential water adventures and these seemed perfect. Easier than struggling with a one piece (anyone ever tried to get one of those off when they are soaking wet!!) and more reliable slippage wise than a bottom. Plus they made me feel all sufer-like. Aren't they sooooo cute! They are also way comfy to wear. perfect for a day at the park, which could or could not involve sitting on waterfalls and splashing in rivers and they are way easy to get on and off, even when wet. also NO SLIPPAGE! I swear I don't know what I ever did without them. I briefly wondered if I would look like a weirdo wearing swim trunks to swim in and then shot that down, cause obviously I'm so awesome I can pull them off. right?

So that my lovelies is the rundown of my short fetish. I was a late bloomer into the bloomer world, but oh now how I sing their praises. Seriously ladies, if you are worried about going out in public with shorts cause you think your legs are too big or your calves are funny or you have cankles (god how I hate that term!) or varicose veins or cellulite or whatever. Don't think about it just do it! Once you get the first taste of delicious summer breeze on your sun starved flesh you'll never look back. If I can do it, you can too!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working at a library is not as quiet as you'd think

I have worked in libraries for a very long time, for almost 10 yrs actually, if you count the years as a student worker in college. That being said, I'm not exactly the librarian type. I am really loud and while I do love reading, I haven't gotten into a book in ages. I used to work at a large university's library, and pretty much the only thing keeping me there was my co-workers. The job paid like it was third world, and the prof's were complete jerks! The students weren't much nicer. So when I was passed over for a promotion I felt I totally deserved I started looking elsewhere. Last August I was offered an amazing job as a circulation manager for a significantly smaller school that was in the area. I was thrilled!! Still I miss my old co-workers very much, and while I do still see them occasionally its not the same as being able to walk over to their desk to laugh about a comic you just read, or share a bad and busted over coffee. Here's a few pics from my old job.
My darling lundy and I at my old job
one of the best things about my old job was throwing stuff off the roof

I had a lot of fun making posters for our appreciation awards
These girls made the work days pass by so quickly

Lucky for me when I got my new job a dear friend was already working there. It made the transition so much easier for me. I have to say the extra money has come in very handy. Especially when the hubs-to-be was out of work. Also, I like that the smallness of the school makes it feel like family. the students are really sweet most of the time and appreciative of all that I do to help them out. What I like the most is how involved I can be with the various facets of the college. I don't have to just sit behind a desk. For instance this summer I get to be a chaperone on a camping trip. YAY! So here are some pics of the antics my friends and I get up to at my new job.
Scanning your face

watching friends ride mechanical bulls, but not being dumb enough to get on it yourself

scanning your face with a friends face

best friends

Monday, May 14, 2012

What's been happening Pt. 2

Me and My sis at a drag show
So this weekend, was pretty fun and relatively relaxing. My sis came over and did my highlights for me. She's not a hairdresser or anything, but she usually does a bang up job of highlighting my hair, and this time was no exception. In addition to the blonde in my dark red hair we added some black lowlights underneath and I really like them! So much in fact that I'm thinking of putting more throughout. We'll see though about that. So back to my round up of pics and happenings from the past year or so.

Bright Red
Darker Red
I dyed my hair a freaky bright red, which lasted all of about a month. While I LOVED the color and thought it fit my personality perfectly. It was just too much upkeep. Especially for hair as long as mine. So I dyed over it a darker easier to maintain red which I really love too.

All of us vixens looking lovely
Waaay back in last April my Alma Mater had its annual Alumni Weekend. It was a big one for me because it was the 5 yr anniversary of my graduation, so all my vixens came into town and we all partied and had a great time. It was so awesome to see so many great ladies that I lived with and still love so much today.

Me and the lovely Ms. Jacquie!

Really horribly funny picture of myself at our wine reception
 Back in August, The soon-to-be mister, moved in with me. Which was a nice change from always having to do the back and forth traveling. He's from Conyers, which I'd never been to until we started dating and boy is it ummmm "special." While I started out getting along well with his family, that kind of fell apart, once he moved in with me. But you know you can't have it all be perfect. That being said I totally adore his brothers, especially his little one that's such a diva! 
Me and the sweet Taccoa!
The last little bit that I can think of for right now is Halloween. In which I went as a super Hot (imo) Little red riding hood and hand made my cape, but ordered this hot corset-esque belt from torrid and a black corset, that was much too big, but I made it work, to complete the look. The soon-to-be-mister went as a scary scarecrow.